New Year's Greetings for 2023

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Announcer: Industry-education Integration Development Center Release time: 2023-01-01

Dear faculties, students, alumni, and friends,

Happy New Year!

The New Year is quickly approaching. Over the past year, thanks to the support from all walks of life, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) has made tremendous progress, propelled by innovation and determination under the strategic guidance of "two types of scholarship, horizontal (academic) and vertical (industry), reinforcing each other and connecting theory with practice" and driven by industry research and technology and finance.

Positive energy matters. ACEM has profoundly studied, publicized and implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), having organized dedicated study workshops, and focused on demonstrating and promoting new achievements. Under the leadership by CPC, ACEM has continued to improve services to strive for excellence, and work together to create a new chapter. In terms of employment guidance, we encourage students to make contribution to key national organizations in key fields where the country need fresh talents.

Fight the pandemic. This year, ACEM has done its utmost in the frontlines inside and outside the campus day and night to protect Shanghai. ACEM faculty, staff and students have overcome difficulties, actively supported and devoted themselves to volunteer services in and out of campus. Alumni and alumni organizations from all places have supported their alma mater by donating money, food and daily necessities. United and resolute, we have conquered difficulties together. ACEM will honor its solemn promise, i.e., "Choosing Shanghai Jiao Tong University is to choose responsibility." The college made overall planning in advance to embrace all types of challenges, and has successfully moved all important work to online format, including online teaching, online interview, project conclusion, graduation defense, etc.

International vision and impact. ACEM firmly promotes its global presence, and its international influence is increasing day by day. The 9th International Business School Shanghai Conference was successfully convened, with more than 400 representatives from 280 business schools and institutions across five continents discussing how to reimagine business education after the pandemic. At the conference, "Doing Business in China" (DBIC) was officially launched as China's first English-only online learning platform for international students to study China business in an international language. In the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) China Subject rankings, ACEM's all three first-level subjects ranked A+. According to the Financial Times (FT) rankings, ACEM's Master in Management, MBA and Executive Education programs have been among the world's top echelon.

Rejuvenating the country through science and education. ACEM is always brave in exploring scientific research and broadening the path of talent cultivation. In 2022, the college was granted 27 national natural science funds and 7 national social science funds are yet to be approved. The number of national projects and funds has reached a record high. The Ministry of Education's Philosophy and Social Sciences Laboratory -- "Digital Management Decision-making Laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University" has set up six centers and delivered rich research results. The impact of our independent journals continues to improve. Journal of Management Analytics (JMA) and China Finance Review International are both listed in CiteScore 2021, and JMA won the first SSCI impact factor. "Business Administration" was selected in the second round of "double-first-class" discipline development list, meanwhile "Economics" was selected as the national first-class undergraduate discipline development site. Besides, "Big Data Management and Application" was successfully approved as a new undergraduate major. The new Department of Data and Business Intelligence has been established to promote and facilitate digital transformation of business. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the EMBA program, a new theme was launched of "New Business & New Technology: New Business Ecosystem Driven by Dual Circulations", to unveil a new era of future EMBA education. The successful organization of the 5th International Conference of China Development Studies, the 19th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting, the 30th anniversary of the founding of Journal of Systems & Management, and the International Academic Forum of Quarterly Journal of Management, etc. have demonstrated the theoretical capabilities and ideological vitality of academic research. The top four place in CFA Institute Research Challenge in Asia-Pacific Region and the Special Award for Social Practice of University Students in Shanghai have proven ACEM students' business capabilities and their strength of youth.

Practice and responsibilities. ACEM continues to explore industry research, connect with finance and technology, and enable in-depth integration of industry, academia and research. Shenzhen Institute of Industry Research (SIIR) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has been formally established in the Greater Bay Area, which will help build the College's top-tier scientific and technological innovation think tank and leading talent training highland, meanwhile it will contribute to the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta--Greater Bay Area together with the Institute of Industry Research headquartered in Shanghai. Led by the integration of industry and academia, SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology & Finance was inaugurated. The first Master's program of technology transfer in China, i.e. Master of Technology Transfer (MTT) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has launched a curriculum system characterized by "2+3+5+6+X" and close integration of academia and practice. On the front of innovation paradigm, "Antai Industry Review" was released at the 5th Forum on China's Industry Development, which will explore a new research paradigm and build a brand-new platform for the release of industry research findings.

Staying true to the original aspiration. ACEM alumni remain committed to the family and the country by devoting themselves to different sectors and contributing their values to the development of their alma mater and society. This year, 6 enterprises related to alumni have been successfully listed, and plenty of alumni at home and abroad have won awards in various fields. During the times of difficulties, our alumni have taken care of alma mater and serve the society with their sense of social responsibility. As career mentors or industry guests, our alumni have rendered their support to develop the college in various approaches. The story and memory of the Engineering Hall also arouse the alumni's emotion of thinking of the source while drinking the water. Two years later, the Antai Alumni New Year Concert was held again and lit up ACEM's beautiful vision for the New Year.

Standing at the new starting point of the New Year, we are ready to address new challenges and seize new opportunities. With a broader vision and persistent efforts, we will further develop ourselves into a world-class business school rooted in China.

On behalf of ACEM, SJTU, we wish you and your family good health, great successes, peace and prosperity.

Antai College of Economics and Management,

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Dean: Chen Fangruo; CPC Secretary: Jiang Wenning

December 31st, 2022

Announcer: Industry-education Integration Development Center Release time: 2023-01-01