Application of Research Findings

In order to effectively improve the application of advances in science and technology and promote the high-quality economic development empowered by scientific and technological innovation, SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology & Finance closely cooperates with government authorities, colleges and schools, social institutions and relevant enterprises with an attitude of “openness and co-development” to build an integrated platform for research result transformation, ensuring the smooth and efficient flow from the supply side through transformation channel to the demand side.

Research finding display platform
Shanghai Jiao Tong University actively encourages the development of major original findings that can meet the national strategic needs, and plans to build the Institute of Technology & Finance as a window for displaying research findings, so that these findings can be applied outside the laboratory and the university.
Resource sharing platform
Eliminating “silos” among resources and providing deep support from multiple dimensions, such as policy, data, fund and information for application projects, so as to realize the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the application of research findings.
Application platform of research findings
Focus on solving the disconnection between technology and application, strengthening enterprise cooperation and deepening the coordination of industry, academics and research to synnergize the innovation of the supply side and the demand side, and breaking the “barriers” from project incubation, evaluation system, transaction service and project operation and other specific links, thus improving the application of research findings.